About Us/Meet our models

Pieces of 8 toys was created to share the joy and love that we feel when creating new and interesting toys for our pirate creature companions. All of our toys are hand made in a small workshop based in Madison WI.

Captain Kooper

Kooper is a Congo African Grey and our primary model and toy tester. Kooper was adopted from Feathered Friends Sanctuary in Edgerton, WI and exhibits feather destructive behavior. He loves to shred and destroy soft textures and paper. The biggest challenge creating toys for Kooper is his tendency is to attack where the toy attaches or hangs from.


Many birds at Feathered Friends Sanctuary help out with quality control and testing. The Macaws love to shred and destroy toys of all sizes. The smaller hanging toys work well as foot toys for the bigger birds.


Many of our cockatoo models are also from Feathered Friends Sanctuary. They specialize in heavy metal destruction. The cockatoos are always great at finding weak points in the rope or cordage used for toys and chewing through them.